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37 天前
回复了 rebecca554owen 创建的主题 宽带症候群 openppp2,一个次世代组网 VPN
## Client Side Configuration

1. Delete the vmem params as long as you client is running on your PC or the client device is using eMMc as the storage.

2. Set the udp.static.server




3. Set client.guid to a totally random one, please make sure no other client share the same GUID with the one that you are using.

4. Set the client.server

- ppp://IP:PORT



5. Delete the client.bandwidth to unleash the openppp2 full speed

6. Delete the mappings params

## Client CLI notice

1. The TUN gateway on windows should be x.x.x.0

2. Only by adding the --tun-static=yes , the UDP streams would be trasfered seperately.

3. If the --block-quic=yes, no matter what the --tun-static is, there won't be any QUIC streams.
37 天前
回复了 rebecca554owen 创建的主题 宽带症候群 openppp2,一个次世代组网 VPN
## Server side

1. Find a server to deploy openppp2 server

2. Connect to the server.

3. Download the openppp2 zip remotely.

4. Modify the given appsettings.json template file in the openppp2 compressed file.

1. If you have no need to use this server as SNIProxy server, please delete the "cdn" param.

2. If your server has 256MiB+ mem and disk I/O speed of 4K-blocks is not satifying, please delete the vmem param

3. If your server has more than 1 thread, you would better set the cocurrent to the thread number.

4. Set the server listening ip address

1. If you decide to use all the ip assinged to the server, please change the ip.interface and ip.public to "::"

"ip": {
"interface": "::",
"public": "::"
2. If you decide to use only one ip address, please change the the ip.interface and ip.public to the ip that you want to use.

3. In some special situations, that the public ip is assigned by route, you should change the interface to the "::" and change the public to the ip address going to be used.

4. Hate IPv6? Replace all "::" to ""

5. Set the tcp and udp port by modifying tcp.listen.port and udp.listen.port

6. Delete the whole websocket param, since the tcp connection would be secured enough facing the censorship.(Websocket connection should be used in some specific situations)

7. Set some server running params

1. server.log is the path to store the connection logs. If you hate logs, please set to "/dev/null"

2. Delete the following params in server block.


"server": {
"log": "/dev/null"


8. use `screen -S` to keep openppp2 running at backstage

9. Remenber to chmod +x !

10. Boot the server
37 天前
回复了 lanthora 创建的主题 宽带症候群 给各位汇报一下组网软件的新进展
37 天前
回复了 oldcai 创建的主题 OpenAI 挑战:通过一个问题,测试是不是 GPT4
10000 以内的正整数,有多少个包含数字 1 。
37 天前
回复了 Seeyuyu 创建的主题 VPS 墙好像开始发力,大家感受到了吗
我用 openppp2 vpn 协议。
54 天前
回复了 ironboxplus 创建的主题 OpenAI 字节的 Coze 有什么收费的消息吗
54 天前
回复了 DataPipe 创建的主题 OpenAI GPT-4o Claude 3 Llama3 等大模型一站式 AI 平台
@vacuitym gmail 无法注册
@macaodoll 我用国内的 AI 就是遇到 docker run 运行 xray(r)转成 docker compose 这种简单互转,回答了快结束就不见了。
59 天前
回复了 wheat0r 创建的主题 Linux 怎么装个 Linux 怎么难?
2020 年的 nvme 硬盘,新系统应该能带有驱动的。可能需要关闭 RAID 。
@zhaidoudou123 我也遇到 上级设备 限速,千兆就只能 940 。更换光猫没用。
60 天前
回复了 blueorange 创建的主题 宽带症候群 推荐一款路由器做 ap
@xpn282 用过一个小米最早的 599 块一款机器,很不稳定,后来再也没用过了。
是 xray 规则的问题,这个问题很简单。
84 天前
回复了 zkcrazy 创建的主题 宽带症候群 Linux , windows 流量转发
用 clash relay 转发。
84 天前
回复了 ciyouwu 创建的主题 宽带症候群 如何合理的消耗手机流量?
@eggt 要给 docker 设置单独的 socks5 局域网代理即可解决 pull ,要解决容器访问 GitHub ,用 compose 的话,
写 `docker-compose.override.yml`
- HTTP_PROXY=http://lan.domain.site:7890
- HTTPS_PROXY=http://lan.domain.site:7890
移动亚洲 YYDS ,便宜又大碗。
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