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回复了 ttys001 创建的主题 Apple Vision Pro 绝对不会卖爆
11 天前
回复了 gpt5 创建的主题 问与答 有轻便的头戴式降噪耳机么?
QC45 +1 ,QC45 是真的好用,对比 XM5 和 AirPods Max 来说,最大的优点是可以折叠。而且感觉是带着最舒服的 XM5 带久了有点夹头,AirPods Max 有点重了,感觉 Bose 的泡棉是最舒服的。 (佩戴感受有个体差异,本人带眼镜) 。
@clasd2012 我是直接和客服说明了之后马上就可以订阅了。
@badmarillo 你的购买无法完成,请联系 iTunes 支持,网址 /。
@xiaomayi0323 充了 20 刀
@fengjianxinghun 这个我也不太清楚,我用的是支付宝上购买的礼品卡,风险应该不是很大
@fengjianxinghun 找下客服试试哈,我找了客服就成功啦 ~
@CloudyKumori 我解决成功啦,应该是触发风控了,具体方式在
看来是触发风控了,在和 Apple 客服沟通后已解决。具体方式为:
* 进入
* 选择 iTunes Store
* 选择 Unable to purchase from iTunes Store
* 选择 Chat

我 :
I am unable to use a gift card to complete my subscription on ChatGPT.

I'm sorry to hear about the issue, I'll do my best to get this issue resolved.
Before taking any actions, I will need to verify your identity. I would request you to sign in with your Apple ID using this link :
If prompted, enter the verification code that is sent to your trusted device, or answer your security questions.*
Once done, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Support PIN. Then click Generate PIN from the pop-up window and share it with me.

**** (你的临时支持 PIN)

Allow me a moment to check your account.

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